I like to work on projects in the field of Education. My special interest goes to:

  • Connecting parties that are involved in the project
  • The aspect of implementation
  • Sustainability

My strength is ‘to make things work’ throughout the duration of a project. This with a special attention to the good cooperation between the people who are involved. In most cases I’m the connecting link in projects. I’m very much capable of realizing a project within the limits of formulated goals in terms of result, effort, budget and planning.


My special interest goes to ‘implementation’. In my view it’s the most essential element of project management. The success and failure of projects often is connected with securing the project(result) in an organization. Next to realizing a project my passion is the further development of the result. The short term result is not what triggers me, rather taking a ‘product’ from ‘a’ to ‘b’ to ‘c’.


At this moment I use my skills and experience in project management in the educational field in The Netherlands. Areas are secondary education and vocational education.

In my view project management consists of a number of aspects, that lead to a successful  project if and when well designed and monitored. I call this the Six Pack Project Management:

  • people: cooperation from clear division of roles and tasks
  • performance: realistic targets
  • pecunia: clear budgeting and targeting
  • planning: feasible and good planning
  • process information: structured consultations, decision making and
  • problem solving: acting pro active making decisions

In the daily affairs I operate using the ‘ORCA’ model:

  • Organizing
  • Reducing ‘the pressure’
  • Controlling
  • Anticipating